Our Brands

Whether your product is considered a nutritional supplement, HBC, OTC or Rx item, Laclede can provide total turnkey service for the human and pet market. With in-house product development, research, design, marketing, raw ingredient and component procurement, Laclede is unique in the marketplace. Laclede research has produced the leading teeth whitening gel in the marketplace, as well as the leading dry mouth products globally.


SALIVEA® Oral Care Products

Laclede developed SALIVEA™ Dry Mouth Care to relieve symptoms of dry mouth by supplementing moisture and supporting saliva’s natural defenses.

Our natural enzyme formulation is enriched with moisturizers to soothe irritated tissue, gently freshen breath and help maintain a healthy oral environment.
💧 Soothing and Moisturizing
💧 Recommended by Dentists
💧 Natural Enzymes, Aloe Vera & Calcium
💧 Xylitol & Anti-Cavity Fluoride
💧 Alcohol-Free – No Stinging Or Burning
Learn more at www.salivea.com



LUVENA® Feminine Hygiene Products

Laclede Inc created Luvena Feminine Care products to help relieve symptoms of feminine dryness. Feminine dryness can happen at any age but is most commonly caused by compromised immunity, cancer, chemotherapeutics, menopause and medications.
🌸 Contains Natural Enzymes
🌸 pH Balanced
🌸 Cranberry Extract
🌸 Hormone Free
🌸 SLS Free
🌸 Paraben Free
🌸 Low Osmolality
🌸 Toxin Free